Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who wants FREE stuff. . . OH! ME! ME!

Fabulous Fun Finds is having and encore giveaway, (thats where yesterdays blocks came from) anywho todays giveaway is a WATCH, and they are all the rave right now, so go check it out the giveaway ends Wednesday the 22nd! I have found a great new blog to find giveaways! Its called The Gift Closet and this week they are giving away a little girls (size 2) shirt with a personalized polka-dot letter! How cute is that! Go hurry check it out, giveaway ends Tuesday the 21st!

Bloggy GiveAways daily giveaway is a blog-face-lift! Blog Spa is the Wonderful site giving this giveaway, (THANK YOU BLOG SPA) Who really needs one of these? ME!

This is the one I WANT!
And another giveaway I am LOVING from Natalies Sentiments Fall Soiree are these Scrabble Pendent Necklaces. You get the pendant and a chain to wear it on.
Also found on Natalies Sentiments are these GREAT Visiting Teaching Kits. . . .I want I want I want, and so do the Gal's I Visit Teach!

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Heather said...

Thanks for the "shout out" & please feel free to snag a button off my site too! ;)